Our Father which art in Heaven

Over the last few weeks I have been preaching on”The Lord’s Prayer,” and will continue to do so. It will likely take me 12 services to complete. Please go to my YouTube channel to watch the teachings. God’s Word is so rich!

It begins with, “Our Father which art in Heaven…” Just this one line is so loaded! To begin with, why is God called our Father?

1.    Even though Jesus was God Himself, He became a Man, and as a Man, Jesus related to God as His Father. God Himself experienced what it was like to be a Man and as a Man, He experienced what it was like to interact with God. This is amazing!

2.    Also as Man, Jesus had no earthly father, for Joseph was His adopted father, His guardian. Though Jesus had eternally existed as God Himself, when He became a Man, God Himself was His Father, no man was his father.

And Jesus thought us to pray The Lords Prayer.

When we pray, Our Father which art in Heaven, several dynamic truths are in play.

3.    We call God our Father because He is the progenitor or our reborn spirit. Jesus said we must be born again, or as the Greek reads, born from Heaven. This happens when we accept Jesus and call upon the Name of the Lord to be saved. At this moment we are born again. Jesus Christ (by the Holy Spirit) comes to dwell on the inside of you and me. He miraculously and supernaturally causes your old sinful fleshly nature to die, and your spirit-man is resurrected. Your receive spiritual life, and you are born from above!

Now you enter the Kingdom of God, begin to function by spiritual principles, as you grow in the things of God.

When you say, Our Father which art in Heaven, you are acknowledging God as your Spiritual Progenitor, the One who caused you to be born from above, the One who gave life to your inner man!

4.    Not only that, but when you say, Our Father which art in Heaven, you are also making an appeal to the caring nature of God. God cares for you!

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