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Believing that HE IS (Anointed preaching by Joel Hitchcock)

"He that comes to God must believe that HE IS" (Hebrews 11:6.) Joel Hitchcock preaches an inspiring message - not only giving evidence of Jesus' historical existence, but exhorting that Jesus is real to believers in Him. 

God can actually be experienced. His love and power is real. God is a PERSON, who INTERACTS with us. God is real. It is from the consciousness of this reality that the rest of Hebrews 11:6 says, "...and He is a REWARDER of those who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM." 

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Dr. John G Lake was a pioneer in the Pentecostal and Divine Healing Movement. His ministry impacted an entire generation, and continues to influence Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry today. His sermons and example of faith and devotion will inspire you to seek after more of God! His books and products are available here, or at or

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Daniel Lindley - The First Pastor of the Voortrekkers, Missionary to the Matabele and the Zulu

Daniel Lindley 1801 - 1880

Daniel Lindley 1801 - 1880

In the book The Great Trek I noticed a brief reference to a Daniel Lindley, which prompted my interest in obtaining another book - The Life and Times of Daniel Lindley. I found both these books to be quite fascinating. I feel I have somewhat of an affiliation with Rev. Daniel Lindley: He was a man of God. He was an American. He was a missionary to South Africa. He pastored the Voortrekkers.

He was the first pastor of the Voortrekkers and a missionary to the Matabele and Zulus. (See

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"The Life and Times of Daniel Lindley 1801-80" by Edwin W. Smith, tells the amazing story of Rev. Daniel Lindley from Pennsylvania, USA. He went to South Africa to work among native Africans at a missions station. Then, due to one event after another, he began to work among the Voortrekkers (the white, Dutch-speaking Boers). He became the Boer's first pastor, officiating over thousands of baptisms and marriages. Eventually his work among the Boers came to an end, after which he begun to work among the Zulus.

God's Will is Prosperity

In my book, Praying and Proclaiming God's Abundant Provision, I wrote the following as an introduction: 

This book is power packed with promises from the Word of God regarding the prosperity and abundant provision God intends for his people. These Scriptures on prosperity and abundance are written in prayer form. 

By reading them silently or out loud you will be communicating with the God of the Bible – the God who has bound Himself in covenant with us, and who will honor his side. 

As a preacher of the Gospel, I have had to claim these promises many times. You see, I have been a minister of the Gospel and a missionary evangelist for many years and have not had the financial resources of the powers that be. 
I had to turn to the Bible and see what God said about my daily sustenance. Did God intend for me to always be in lack? Would He meet my need? Was He limited to only meeting my needs, or could He do more than that since I was his child? 

The focus of my ministry has always been and continues to be more so on salvation, healing & miracles,  the Holy Spirit, Christ in me, and about the very Person of God. I have also diligently studied the Scriptures that deal with God’s material provision for his children. 

These Scriptures have been a comfort to me in trying times, and I have come to learn to trust my God every step of the way for my financial provision. God has been faithful.
The more these truths became real in my soul, the more I became aware of the lack of faith that many of us have when it comes to God’s abundant provision. For example, when I preach on this topic, oftentimes to my amazement it seems that many of God’s people just cannot get themselves to believe these promises of God. 

Therefore, I compiled these Scriptures in such a way that it could be prayed and proclaimed out loud. By so doing, the people of God could pray the pure Word of God as it relates to his provision—not man’s ideas, but God’s Word on the subject.

Like the apostle Paul, I have experienced both lack and abundance, but through it all I have learnt that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (see Philippians 4:11-13.)

I have seen God’s hand of provision when someone stuck $50 in mine after I gave my last penny in an offering during a revival. I’ve also seen his hand of provision in action when someone sent our ministry $40,000 to hold two soul winning, healing campaigns in which multitudes received Christ and healing.

I have also come to learn that the devil, the enemy of our souls seems to also have a very special interest in the financial destruction of God’s people. He either fights them with poverty, lack and scarcity, or he fights them by offering them wealth and riches in his world. 

Many sincere Bible teachers have at times perhaps praised the virtues of poverty and by so doing negated the great promises of God for prosperity and his abundant provision. 
And yet others have perhaps overly praised the virtues of prosperity and wealth, as if it was the main message of Christianity, and by so doing negated the more important messages such as the atonement and union with God through the death and resurrection of Christ.

What I have come to learn, beyond a shadow of a doubt is that our God is a good God: He is a God of love, and a God who also takes a very special interest in the material wellbeing of his people. As our Heavenly Father, He has the highest ideals for his children. Our God is a better Father to us, than the most loving earthly fathers could ever be to their children after the flesh. 

God’s Word says, “If you all then … know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him? (Matthew 7:11, ULKJV.)

He wants us to ask of Him, for we have not because we ask not (James 4:3.) He also wants us to speak things into existence by declaring it by faith.

His Word says, “Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, you be removed, and you be cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says” (Mark 11:22-23, ULKJV.)

It is of the utmost importance that such declarations and requests be made in accordance with the will of God. his will is not some vague, mysterious idea that man has no insight into. Rather, his will is clearly revealed in his Word. The Scriptures as we find them in the Bible are inspired by the Holy Spirit and contain the very Words of the Almighty God! When we pray the Word of God we pray the will of God.
For this reason, I have compiled these effectual, fervent prayers for prosperity and abundant provision. These prayers are actually the Word in prayer form, enriched with God’s promises and filled with the Spirit. 

I cannot think of any prayers that can be more powerful than the Word of God in prayer form, filled with the Holy Spirit and faith. Having said that, I also know that at times all we can do is to just cry out to God in the midst of our trials. The God of mercy hears us and knows our needs before they even occur.

Another benefit to praying the Word is that continuous exposure to his promises, focused on a certain subject, will build your faith in that specific area – much like when exercising a specific muscle would build that muscle.
Scripture teaches us, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17, ULKJV.)

It is important to understand that God is a God of covenant. “Covenant” means that He has gifted us with agreements of commands and promises. As we obey his commands, He responds by fulfilling his promises. Yes, God is sovereign, but it is He Himself that chose to give us promises that we will benefit from when we obey Him. 

For example, this Scripture clearly shows the relation of blessing and obedience: “If you all are willing and obedient, you all shall eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19, ULKJV.) There it is: If we do this, then He will do that. God is a God of covenant.

It is a wonderful thing that the Sovereign God gave man the power to choose to be obedient and enjoy his blessings. It is true with salvation: We have to choose to receive Him. It is true with healing: It is by faith that we receive it. The same with the baptism in the Holy Spirit – this too is received by faith.

God does not get manipulated by our prayers. Rather, He has presented us with a covenant: He commands and He promises, and we obey and receive the fulfillment of those promises. 

I may also note that I have compiled these prayers directly from the Scriptures, and believe that tremendous confidence results from the knowledge that what we pray is God’s will because it is in his Word. However, some of these prayers should be viewed in the context in which those specific Scriptures were written, such as the ones about Job who had been the wealthiest man in the East. 

Obviously, not everyone can be the wealthiest in their geographical location, but Job’s example may serve as an encouragement and as a challenge to believe that God would supply unto us his abundant blessing and provision, and make us more effective in our own realm of influence. With this in mind, we may pray and believe God for his very best, and glean from examples of those who were blessed with the very best in Bible times.

Ask yourself this question: What is the main reason why God would want to bless me with prosperity and abundant provision? 

By answering this question, the intents of our hearts are revealed. 

Is it to retire comfortably? 
Is it to build a big house and drive a couple of shiny cars? 
Is it to take a vacation to any place in the world, do it as often as we wish and stay as long as we want? 

God is at work in our lives – purifying our motives, building our character and steering our passions to God and his kingdom.

Of course it’s not wrong or evil to build a big house, drive a shiny car or enjoy a nice vacation. But life does not consist in the things we possess, and he who dies with the most toys is not the winner. 

So what is the main reason why God wants to bless you with wealth and riches? It is to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Oh yes, it is also because He is just so good and He wants to bless his kids. And yes, it is also because He revels in fulfilling his covenant promises. But the main reason for abundant provision is and should be to advance the kingdom of God. 

Ask yourself another question: 

If you were the devil, what would you want for God’s children? 
Would you want them prospering and advancing the kingdom of God? 
Or would you rather want to keep God’s people in financial bondage, unable to fund missions work and building God’s kingdom locally? 

I think he will either distract God’s people with the love of money, or he will want to deprive them of financial soundness and force them into subjection to lack and scarcity. This way they will be completely impotent and powerless, ineffective and unable to advance and fund the Gospel and the kingdom of God. 
It is my sincere prayer that Jehovah Jireh – the Lord our Provider) will hear these prayers for your benefit and also stir and strengthen your faith for spiritual as well as material prosperity and abundant provision. 

I hope this blog post blessed you. I also think the Prayer Book I compiled will lift your faith in the area of God's Provision.  It can be accessed at Praying and Proclaiming God's Abundant Provision (eBook) or at Praying and Proclaiming God's Abundant Provision (paperback.)

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Charles Spurgeon Books and Audio

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Charles Finney Books

Charles Finney was a catalyst for the Second Great Awakening and Revival that occurred in the USA in the 1800's. His books will inspire you and stir in you a hunger for God!

In my book, Young Fire - Youth Evangelists for the Great Awakening I wrote the story about this incredible event - the Second Great Awakening. My book is available in paperback at Young Fire, and also as an eBook at Young Fire

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Andrew Murray Books

Andrew Murray was a great revivalist in South Africa. Unbeknownst to him, the revival and awakening that occurred during his ministry happened while the Second Great Awakening was happening simultaneously in the USA. I wrote the story in my book on revival Young Fire - Youth Revivalists for the Great Awakening

He performed the wedding ceremony of my great, great, great grandparents on my grandmother's side. I still have a copy of a copy of the marriage certificate.

Andrew Murray's books are will widely read over a century after he served his generation. Below you will find  some of his books, or go to

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Young Fire

Entire communities and regions have experienced visitations of God throughout the course of history.  These visitations have turned whole populations and geographic locations back to Him and are commonly known as revivals and great awakenings.

Joel Hitchcock believes that God will do it again.  To facilitate His next visitations, He will use whomever He wills - including young people.

These young people are the Young Fires that will spark the fires of revival and spiritual awakenings in our communities again.

Previously published in 1999 under the title, The End Time Revival and Great Awakening, this book is one of Joel Hitchcock’s first publications.

In it, Joel recounts some of the revivals and great awakenings of the past.  It will stir your soul.  If God could do such amazing works in times gone by, He can do it again.

The book is now repackaged, re-edited and retitled to Young Fire - End Time Youth Revivalists for the Great Awakening, for the express purpose to encourage young people to be the catalysts for the next moves of God.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Church of Jesus Christ International Fellowship

Church of Jesus Christ International Fellowship
Are you a minister, operate a ministry or pastor a church, and wish to affiliate with ministers of like faith? The Church of Jesus Christ International Fellowship (CJCIF) is a non-denominational fellowship of ministers and churches who have a desire to "Know God and Make Him Known".

The Fellowship is in the process of receiving ministers and churches who express a desire for affiliation. Those wishing to affiliate with CJCIF may contact The Fellowship per email at to request information. 

Dr. Joel Hitchcock currently serves as its president.

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