Holy Spirit, teach us about Christ within

From Joel Hitchcock's book, "Christ in You:"

First, let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will be our teacher. Pray these words with all sincerity:

“God, I pray that you illuminate my mind by the power of your Spirit and by the power of your Word, that I may understand the wonder of my union with you. 

That I will progressively come to understand that Christ dwells within me. That I will develop a consciousness that I am filled with God by Christ in me. That I’m filled with Christ and that he flows through me, today and every day. 

I am filled with God; that I am fused with you. My nature is altered by yours; I am blended with Christ. By the Spirit of God’s Son in me, I enjoy that same sweet intimacy with the Father as Jesus did. I love and worship my Father from this awareness.

Holy Spirit, teach me more about Jesus. Make God real to me. I open my mind and my heart, even my very flesh and my entire being, to the influence of your Holy Spirit.

My glorious hope is that Christ will be revealed in me in fullness and completion — Christ in me, the hope of glory.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

This prayer is taken from  Joel Hitchcock's book, "Christ in You," and is available on Amazon. Click here to order your copy today!