Son of God and Man - New book by Joel Hitchcock

"Son of God and Man - the Deity and Humanity of Jesus Christ"

Jesus Christ is God and Man. What a statement! Those who believe this premise adhere to a teaching concerning the nature of Christ that is essential to salvation and eternal life. 

Those who reject this statement are those who depart from the plain teaching of the Bible, and thereby forfeit their salvation and eternal life.
Someone said that Jesus is either a liar or a lunatic, but if he is not one of these, he is indeed the Lord. Another old-time preacher said, "Christ either deceived mankind by conscious fraud, or he was himself deluded and self-deceived, or he was Divine. There is no getting out of this trilemma. It is inexorable." 

Jesus is not only God. He is also man. This is a glorious thing. Never ever was there a man that was God incarnate. But Jesus was just that - he was fully God and fully man. This is what we mean with the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ. 

By the phrase, the Deity of Jesus Christ we mean that Jesus is God. The word deity means, "divine status, quality, or nature." It also means "the creator and supreme being." 

Therefore, we will explore the deity of Jesus Christ, and make the case that Jesus Christ is indeed God, that he is the Creator of everything, that he is the Supreme Being. We will explore his divine status, quality and nature. 

We are about to engage in an investigation into the deity of Jesus Christ.  We will examine the arguments against the deity of Jesus Christ, as well as those in favor of his deity. We will conclude that Jesus Christ is undeniably the Almighty God of the Bible, and that he became God incarnate, and that he is the Eternal God who became a man.

We are also going to study the humanity of Jesus. As important as his deity is, so important is his humanity. If we ignore this vital thing - that Jesus was also man, it actually weakens our understanding about his deity. 

Understanding the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ will bring you into a deeper relationship with Him!

Jesus is the Son of God and Man...