Tuesday, December 26, 2017

One Almighty Mediator 2 - Introduction

I wrote this booklet in about 1998. It is now 2017. It was originally printed on my home office printer, and I made them available at my revival meetings for a donation.

As the years went by I wrote more books and this little booklet faded from my memory. I didn’t even have a copy of my own left.

Then, during a conversation with a brother I had not seen in many years, he told me about this little booklet he had in his possession. I was quite amazed that one still existed!

He gave it to me, and I read it eagerly. I was blessed and amazed by the content. I clearly saw that my message had not changed in over 18 years. I was passionate for it back then, and today I still spread the same, burning message of Jesus. 

I had to get it back into print. I used software to convert the pages to text, and repackaged it to the format you hold in your hands today. 

I did not need to change much of the content, except for a couple of paragraphs here and there.

I pray that this message will bless you as it has blessed me!

Joel Hitchcock, 2017
Georgetown, Delaware, USA

 One Almighty Mediator JESUS - Book by Joel Hitchcock

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