Tangible Healing Power 3


Blind eye open!

It was in this meeting that I witnessed the tangible healing power of God, as I have seen in many a meeting before. I will explain what exactly this tangible healing power is a little later.

I prayed for the sick, one after the other. I expected every person to be healed. I expected every single person to be healed instantly. I cannot tell you that everyone was healed instantly, nor can I say that everyone was healed at all. I am just saying this was how I functioned. I would even ask them right away if they noticed anything different.

An older lady stood before me. I could see her one eye was blind, because it was completely white. I asked her, “Mama, what do you need from Jesus?” To this day, this is the way I still ask people what they need. She said, “Headache.” Headache? Here she stands with a blind eye and she needs healing from her headache. I said, “Mama, I will pray for your headache, and Jesus will heal you. But I will pray for your eye too!” I prayed for here headache, and I suppose she was healed from that too, but my mind was on that eye.

I laid my thumb on her eye, and prayed like my life depended on it. “In the Name of Jesus! I rebuke this blindness! I command it in the Name of Jesus to be removed. In Jesus’ Name, blind eye… OPEN!” I prayed it with power and authority.

Then I said, “Mama, can you see me through that eye?” Without giving it a thought, she promptly said, “No.” I said, “No, Mama. Let us close our good eye, and look only through the blind one.” We did this by closing her good eye with her hand, or maybe someone else helped me by holding their hand over her good eye. “I see your button!” she said. She saw the button on my suit jacket.

I looked at her eye. It was still white. Yet she could see the button on my jacket. I cannot explain it, but I can tell you, the healing power of God is real.

I will now tell you what happened in that same meeting, where someone walked into the zone of the tangible healing power of God, and was instantly healed, but I want to say a couple of things here about the healing ministry first.

The healing ministry is a messy business. What I mean is, most healings I pray for do not instantly appear to be perfect. People have this idea that a healing evangelist can pray at will for whoever, anywhere, and that people will all be healed, almost like it is some kind of show.

I will never ever strive for picture-perfect healings, just so it looks good on TV. I pray for the sick. Some are not healed. Some may begin to be healed, but their healing is not manifested fully yet. Some are healed, but do not seem perfectly healed. And some are perfectly healed.

In the case of this lady, her sight was healed (I do not know to which extent,) but here eye was still white. If I was God, I would have restored the pupil instantly and surrounded it with a brown iris, just like her other eye. Perhaps God did this later, because I have seen in other instances where the miracle that begun at the point of our prayer, was completed only a few days later. But what I have really learnt is: Honor God for the miracle, regardless of how perfect or completed it looks. Honor the Lord for whatever He did, and to which extent He did it. And move on…

Now, let me tell you about this healing miracle that happened in that same service, which powerfully illustrates the tangible healing power of God…