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God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. 

He gave His life on the cross for the forgiveness of our sin, rose from the dead, is seated at the right hand of God, and is coming again soon. 

There is no greater reality than this - that man and God may be connected through Jesus Christ. 

The question is... 

What will you and I do to share this message with the world? 

1. The evangelist will preach the Gospel. 

2. Partnering with the evangelist makes this possible. 

Joel and Heidi Hitchcock are your evangelists. Will you partner with us?

God Himself will greatly reward you!

My name is Joel Hitchcock. 

I am an evangelist. Thank you for letting me tell you more about me personally, and about our ministry, and how you can benefit by partnering with us. 

You will see that our ministry is focused on evangelism, healing, and the Holy Spirit.

Firstly, I am married to Heidi. 

We have been happily married for 27 years. 

We have four children – Anthony, Rebekah, Timothy and Trey:

Early Years:

I am originally from South Africa. I have been a citizen of the USA since 2004.  

At age 8 I already wanted to be a preacher of the Gospel. 

At age 10 I consciously received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. 

This photo is of me and my cousin at my uncle's church in Zimbabwe:

I preached my first message when I was 12. This is the exact spot where I had preached over 40 years ago:

Teenage Years:

At age 13 I fasted for an entire day, and heard God’s voice for the first time. I asked Him if really should become a preacher. He said, “Yes my son. I want you to become an evangelist.” 

I read through my entire Bible that year. 

I spent entire nights in prayer, calling out to God. 

My friends and I led 70 kids to Jesus within 2 weeks at our high school. I took this picture in one of our prayer meetings:

I also held my first missions’ outreach, preaching from our porch. My mom took this photo of us on that day:

Ministerial training and ordination:

After High School, I completed 4 years of Bible College and University. 

Years later, I received an honorary doctorate, and later on, also an additional academic doctorate in theology. 

I was ordained by a large traditional Christian denomination in 1990. (Now our ministry is independent. We partner with all believers, regardless of denomination.)


During my first year and a half of ministry, I served as a chaplain in the South African army:

World Evangelism in my 20's:

After Bible College and chaplaincy, I began to travel the world as an evangelist. My first trip took me 16 months to complete. I traveled throughout Europe, the USA, and Central Africa.

This was in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

This was in Bonn, Germany: 

Villages in Central Africa (This is a photo of me and local Gospel workers with an offering a village church gave me - a chicken and eggs. Our heads were cut off from the photo because I had difficulty showing the brother how to take a photo. Nobody there had ever taken a picture of anything those days.)

 I once traveled almost half way through the continent of Africa and back on this dirt bike, preaching the Gospel for 3 months:

 Later, as newlyweds, Heidi joined me in the villages of Africa and India:

The Healing Miracle Ministry:

A dominant part of my ministry is that of healing and miracles, for which I have sought God for with much fasting and prayer. 

God has supernaturally healed the sick. Those in pain are healed, deaf ears are instantly opened, the cripple walk, and God does many other miracles.

Here I am praying for the sick in India:

And in the USA:

This partially blind man was healed in South Africa:

This brother's finger could not bend, but was healed after prayer:

This brother's growth disappeared after prayer:

Multitudes into the Kingdom:

Here are some of the largest crowds I have preached to in my crusades. 

Secunderabad, India:

Miryalguda, India:

Sialkot, Pakistan:

Gulu, Uganda:

Tucupita, Venezuela:

Kothagudem, India:


(This last picture above is of a half million people. It was not my own crusade but of when I preached a short message at Reinhard Bonnke’s Gospel Campaign.)

Our crusade in Suryapet, India:

This is a 9-second video clip of our own crusade in India: 

Follow up after a crusade: 

What happens to the new souls after the crusade?  First, they fill out a "decision card," which is then given to the local pastors and churches to follow them up. 

It is effective: For example, a church in South Africa was packed out to capacity with new souls from the 800 decision cards from that crusade.

Another two pastors (among many others) in India told me they each added 150 and 75 new members respectively from the souls that came to Christ in our crusade. 

Another pastor said he planted 27 new churches from the list of new souls.

My vision:
I want to "Know God and Make Him Known."

 I make Him known to others through:

1. Salvation 
2. Healing and Miracles
3. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost

Large crusades cost lots of money 
($15,000 - $30,000 per crusade)

For renting the grounds, the platform, sound system, lights, generators, advertising, and many other expenses.

Here is an example of thousands of advertising posters on telephone poles:

This is one of the jeeps that went through the city for days, announcing the upcoming crusade with its PA system:

300 taxis advertised the crusade for several days:

This is on of our 30-foot "cutout billboards." See the man standing by our feet:

Raising money at crusades?

I have been asked why we don't simply raise money from the multitudes who attend the crusades? 

Because firstly, our crusades are evangelistic events. Roughly half the crowd (or more) may be non-Christian. 

Secondly, people in developing countries make far less than we do. In villages they make $30 per month, and in cities $60 per month. 

For example, we put almost $20,000.00 into a crusade in India. Although thousands attended, the offering was $660.00, which we gave to a local orphanage. 

I am asking God to provide us with a small army of committed partners to help us bring salvation, healing and the Holy Spirit to the multitudes.

 Join our small army of partners - we will be effective like Gideon's 300: 

In Judges 7, God used Gideon and his small army of 300 men to defeat 135,000 Midianites. God used a small army to do big things.
Please become a partner with our ministry.

A partner assists the ministry by prayer and financial support.

Pray for Joel and Heidi, and also support us financially. 

Begin with an initial, special, sizable gift to "kick-start" your support. Then become a weekly or monthly financial partner. Give faithfully and consistently each week or month just like you would give to a church.

Please do not delay. There is an urgency in me to reach the multitudes, but I need your help.
Commit to partnership with Joel Hitchcock Ministries today.

You will not be disappointed. You will be extremely blessed by being part of this ministry.

God Himself sees your sacrifice, and will reward you for it.

Benefits of joining our small army of partners.

1. The main benefit is that God will reward you (1 Samuel 30:24.) He will do so in both this world as well as in the world to come (heaven.) 

2. Be part of something big alongside someone you actually know.

3. Have direct access to Joel's personal email and cell phone when you need prayer.

4. Receive regular ministry updates and encouraging messages. 

Please pray sincerely about supporting this ministry with $100 or $200 a month, or less or more, like $50 or $500. And if you have been blessed with some means, pray about sponsoring an entire crusade (about $20,000 - $30,000.) 

Please take action today:

First, prayerfully commit to partner with us.

Then, decide whether your support will be weekly or monthly.

Then, send your support in any of these ways:

Online (Credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, etc.) - click here

Mail: Joel Hitchcock Ministries Inc. PO Box 936, Georgetown DE 19947

Or to discuss your giving options, call Joel Hitchcock at 302-856-6848, or email

Please let Heidi and I be your evangelists! Let's be partners. 

Please consider "kick-starting" your support with an initial special sizable gift! And then support weekly or monthly like you would a church.  

Recent crusades or outreaches:

South Africa tent crusade (March 2022):

Asheboro, North Carolina open air (May 2022):

Pocomoke MD tent crusade (June 2022):

Next big thing this year:
Massive crusade in Ndirande, Malawi 
(October 2022):