Friday, July 14, 2017

Giant Gospel Revival Tent

A revival in our giant Gospel Revival Tent was quite an experience. It was hard work getting the tent up, but once all was set up, it was a great experience. We blessed another ministry with the tent, but here are some great pictures of times gone by. 

For the tent's seating capacity, click here 

Click here for how to set up the tent manual

120 feet wide by 170 feet long by 40 feet high Gospel Tent is 20,400 square feet.
This is without the side walls.  The tent also has side walls.

20,000 square foot tent, 40 feet high, tent revival

Platform, sound

20,400 square feet

Side view

862 strong and durable Samson chairs

862 chairs unpacked, ready for tent. Samsonite brand. Very strong and sturdy.

30 pulse start lights of 400 watt each, as recommended for television broadcast quality throughout the tent. (Not stage lighting)

Lights are mounted 30 feet high on 37' and 40' poles
Platform, trailer during an open air meeting

1,000 chairs, trailer, platform, tent poles without canvas to mount lights, for an open air healing meeting

Seating capacity calculations:

Tent has 20,400 square feet
Deduct 10% for platform and isles leaves 18,360 square feet left
Allow 6 square feet per chair - 3,060 seating capacity.
Larger altar area and wider aisles will reduce seating capacity.

More pictures:


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