Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Next Generation of Young Revivalists

God is raising up a younger generation of revivalists for the end time Great Awakening.
Great revivals and spiritual awakenings have occurred throughout history in many nations.
Great revivalists blazed the trails of great awakenings in the past, and passed the torch to a younger generation of revivalists.
This younger generation of revivalists are the Young Fires that God is raising up to set the world on fire with the Message of Christ, to accomplish His purpose in the end time generation.
The Young Fires look back and learn for the flaming revivalists of old, then look at our current generation, and cry, “Wilt thou not revive us again?”
I wrote this book in 1999 under the title, The End Time Revival and Great Awakening. At the time I had a tremendous passion for God to move in our generation in a mighty way. I prayed that God would use me and raise up others to usher in a mighty end time revival and spiritual awakening.
I have changed the title of this book to Young Fire – End Time Revivalists for the Great Awakening, because not only was I much younger when I wrote it, but it is my deep desire that young people that read it will catch the spirit of revivalism, and be used by God in their generation.
As this book goes into yet another printing, I reflect on what the Lord has done in our generation. I see how God has raised up many powerful men and women, who were unknown youths at the time that I had written this book.
God has indeed raised up some great revivalists. I now look forward to what God may do in the next 20 years and beyond. I wonder what kind of nation-shaking revival God may grant us.
Regardless of the powerful revivals that God had blessed this nation with, they all seem to fall short from the awakenings in the USA, South Africa, Wales, Hebrides and others from early 1700s through the early 1900s.
Yet we cannot underestimate what God has done recently. Countless lives have been changed and the impact of this move of God will only be appreciated to its full in time to come.
Yet our world seems in a horrible spiritual state. Perhaps these most recent revivals were but tremors before the big one hits. I believe this may very well be the case.

Authors are sometimes hesitant to republish their older works without completely re-editing it, or perhaps rewriting it altogether. The reason for this is because authors views on certain things change, they may have come upon greater clarity on certain topics, their audience is no longer the same as the one present when they initially wrote their book, and their writing skills have also changed or improved.
However, I am putting this book back into print, much the same as it was in 1999, with some changes here and there. I also deleted a couple of chapters and added a little. The reader may notice that the style of the author reflects that of an unpolished, on-fire young man, eagerly expecting a mighty move of God.

After serving God for many years, and after over 25 years of full time ministry, I am as on fire now as I have ever been. The spirit of revival is more caught than it is taught. It is my prayer that this work would stir a passion for revival and spiritual awakening in us and in our younger generation…

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