Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Don Gossett Books and Products

Dr. Don Gossett was a prolific writer, whose books and sermons blessed untold thousands of people from around the world. Today his ministry continues to reach many thousands through his books and radio recordings. 

When I was about 14 or 15, I came upon his book "What You Say is What You Get," translated into Afrikaans. I still have that book here on my book shelf. In it, he taught that the Bible teaches us to speak the Word instead of our circumstances. Mark 11:23 says that when we speak to this mountain to be moved, that it will move. The key is that we speak to the mountain, and that we speak it in faith. 

This concept put my mouth in the right direction. Instead of pouting and negative confessions, I would speak the Word of Faith, believing that what I said I would get. It's not so much a positive confession as it is really a confession of the Word - speaking what God's Word says in contradistinction to what the enemy and adverse circumstances in our lives dictate. 

I was blessed to have spoken to Dr. Don Gossett several times before he went to the Lord. At one occasion we spoke for over an hour. 

His wife and partner in ministry, Debra Gossett continues his ministry (See  

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