Thursday, April 20, 2017

Young Fire

Entire communities and regions have experienced visitations of God throughout the course of history.  These visitations have turned whole populations and geographic locations back to Him and are commonly known as revivals and great awakenings.

Joel Hitchcock believes that God will do it again.  To facilitate His next visitations, He will use whomever He wills - including young people.

These young people are the Young Fires that will spark the fires of revival and spiritual awakenings in our communities again.

Previously published in 1999 under the title, The End Time Revival and Great Awakening, this book is one of Joel Hitchcock’s first publications.

In it, Joel recounts some of the revivals and great awakenings of the past.  It will stir your soul.  If God could do such amazing works in times gone by, He can do it again.

The book is now repackaged, re-edited and retitled to Young Fire - End Time Youth Revivalists for the Great Awakening, for the express purpose to encourage young people to be the catalysts for the next moves of God.

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