Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Praying and Proclaiming God's Abundant Provision Prayer Book by Joel Hitchcock

Praying and Proclaiming God's Abundant Provision Prayer Book - Effectual Fervent Prayers and Proclamations of Faith for God’s Abundant Provision (FULL SIZE BOOK by Joel Hitchcock)
$4.99 (Kindle Edition)

This is a Prayer Book! Filled with the Scriptures and Promises of God in prayer format, it will serve as a tool for you to pray God’s Word back to Him. If we pray God’s Word, we pray God’s will! 

Not only will you pray it, but you will proclaim it. You will call the things that be not as though they are. You will call non-existent things into existence. Your faith in God’s will for prosperity and abundant provision will be elevated. You will develop a totally different way of thinking - a mentality of prosperity. 

And as you pray and proclaim these Scriptures over and over again, they will become part of you. You will begin to call them forth by memory - even without the book. 

Get ready to pray, proclaim and prosper!

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