Daniel Lindley - The First Pastor of the Voortrekkers, Missionary to the Matabele and the Zulu

Daniel Lindley 1801 - 1880

Daniel Lindley 1801 - 1880

In the book The Great Trek I noticed a brief reference to a Daniel Lindley, which prompted my interest in obtaining another book - The Life and Times of Daniel Lindley. I found both these books to be quite fascinating. I feel I have somewhat of an affiliation with Rev. Daniel Lindley: He was a man of God. He was an American. He was a missionary to South Africa. He pastored the Voortrekkers.

He was the first pastor of the Voortrekkers and a missionary to the Matabele and Zulus. (See www.daniellindley.blogspot.com

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"The Life and Times of Daniel Lindley 1801-80" by Edwin W. Smith, tells the amazing story of Rev. Daniel Lindley from Pennsylvania, USA. He went to South Africa to work among native Africans at a missions station. Then, due to one event after another, he began to work among the Voortrekkers (the white, Dutch-speaking Boers). He became the Boer's first pastor, officiating over thousands of baptisms and marriages. Eventually his work among the Boers came to an end, after which he begun to work among the Zulus.