When Jesus moves into your house, the devil has to flee! (Joel Hitchcock's Book)

Jeton was born and raised up in the mountains of Switzerland. Though his family was poor, they were rich in love, and most importantly – they taught him about God. When Jeton was all grown up, he moved to the city. He was an excellent student, and landed a high paying job.
But soon things went wrong. Jeton forgot about God. His abundance of money led him into a life of sin.
One day the devil visited him. From then on his life was filled with torment and fear. When he could not tolerate it any longer, he called out to God. J esus responded and moved into his house and into his heart.
But the devil did not give up so easy. Jeton had to learn to surrender his life completely to Jesus. Only then things began to change!
I have heard this story from a couple of preachers. I have no idea where it originated, and there are certainly different variations to it. With this booklet I offer you my rendering of it. The story plays off in Switzerland – the first country I visited as a world wide traveling evangelist.
I have preached the Gospel in many villages all over Africa and India, and have used this story to illustrate man’s total surrender to God.
One brother who took me from village to village, would always tell me, “Tell them the story again about The Little Ant…” which story I have penned in the booklet, “The Great King and the Little Ant.” He would also ask me to repeat the “devil beating story,” which is the story we are about to read.
When Jesus shared the Good News of the Kingdom to those who gladly heard Him, He often employed parables to do so. Following the example set by Jesus, this story is also a parable. A parable is an illustration to demonstrate a certain truth.
The truth I want to demonstrate in this story is that when we give our lives to Christ, we must do so with total surrender and with absolute abandon.
This little story is not intended to cross every theological t and dot every doctrinal i. It is intended to read as a simple story, exemplifying a simple truth – total surrender to Jesus Christ.
I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone you think would benefit from it.