Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Great King and Little Ant (A Short Story)


There once was a little ant. He lived in a little village in a very poor country in a forgotten part of the world... Our little ant heard about a Great King in a great city of the greatest country in the world. Little Ant really wanted to meet him! He brought his request before the chief, but the chief could not help him. He explained to the ant that he was too little and the village too far away. There were insurmountable obstacles which made it impossible to reach this Great King, regardless of how much effort the little ant would put into it. But then something happened - something that would change impossibility into possibility!  
This little story illustrates man’s utter hopelessness in our attempt to reach God. We are the ant, and God is the Great King. Yet, there is a way. Read how the ant reached the Great King. In this short story we will discover how we too can reach God!  
The entire story is written on 29 pages, using 16 point size font for easy reading, with an additional 11 pages of interesting photos of Joel and Heidi's missions' trips.

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